At TD&P, we believe that our diverse workforce not only enables us to deliver the highest quality work but also underscores the importance of equity and inclusion in harnessing the power of that diversity.
Thomas J. Dawson
CEO & Founder | Forensic Economics
Jessica Dawson
cO-fOUNDER | Executive Vice President
Dr. Vera Dvorak
Chief Medical Officer
Janice Lally
Chief OperatIONS Officer
Meagan Barnes
Chief Administrative Officer
Muhammad Farhan Ullah Babar
Chief Technology Officer
Robert Paul
Behavioral Neuroscience
Dr. Paul Adler
PHYSICIAN | Correctional Healthcare
Craig Allen
Forensic Economics | Actuarial Science
Mahdieh Bamshad
Forensic Accountant
Nosheen Shafique
Senior Healthcare Reimbursement Data aNALYST

What Clients Say

The reasonable value analysis you guys do is the most likely to get admitted into evidence and it is therefore a helpful guide in negotiating a case since it arguably defines our best scenario.
- Client Response
The TD&P report was helpful. I think that what your are doing is a great idea. We look forward to working with you on the next one.
- Client Response

What makes TD&P stand out?

TD&P stands out as the first healthcare economics firm to be acknowledged at the Appellate Court level for introducing a robust methodology to calculate reasonable value for future medical expense damages. By leveraging big data and established economic principles,

TD&P has successfully demonstrated how to meet legal standards in determining value in the healthcare market. Trusted by the Department of Justice and other entities, TD&P leads discussions on the role of markets in economic damages discussions and expertly handles complex financial and legal matters in personal injury cases. 

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