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Medical Pricing Analysis

TD&P Consulting relies on medical literature, policy, and market data to develop pricing models that are objective and comprehensive.


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Actuarial Analysis

TD&P actuarial and forensic economic services provide the foundation for the firm’s comprehensive expertise in the arena of professional liability insurance.

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Life Care Plan Critique and Pricing

TD&P Consulting specializes in developing life care plan critiques and pricing analysis to ensure that plans are organized and concise and based on evidence-based medicine and established practice by standards.

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Forensic Economic Analysis

TD&P Consulting develops economic reports and provides expert testimony on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in medical damages matters.

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Medical Causation Analysis

TD&P Consulting regularly conducts medical causation analysis assessing injuries tied to personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Our experts are also retained to evaluate the medical assessments of other medical experts retained in litigation.

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Expert Witness

The right expert can make all the difference in a personal injury case. At TD&P, we offer data-driven and evidence-based analysis covering matters in the medical, actuarial, and economic arenas.

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About TD&P Consulting, Inc.

In 2010, Tom Dawson, Esq., founded Tom Dawson & Partners, LLC. He joined with partners Jessica (Echols) Dawson, and Shane Johnson in 2015 to form TD&P Consulting, Inc. The firm later re-established itself as a Minority and Woman-Owned firm, with Jessica Dawson at the helm. Today TD&P is a national consulting firm that works with insurance carriers, self-insured corporations, and legal counsel in litigated bodily injury and medical professional liability claims, which require the analysis of past and future medical expenses.

The team at TD&P Consulting consists of healthcare and legal professionals, economists, medical pricing experts, actuaries, and authorities on Medicare and Medicaid. Our analysts support our experts’ work with in-depth knowledge of healthcare billing and reimbursement practices, insurance policy, and medical practice standards. Together, applying an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, TD&P provides accurate, valid, and reliable results.

TD&P holds the position that a multidisciplinary approach produces powerful results. It has enabled the firm to offer clients objective analyses and successful outcomes involving: past and future medical damages, Medicare and Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver programs for special needs populations; health insurance; employer-sponsored benefits; reimbursement policy, coordination of benefits (COB), the calculation of reasonable value in the health care market, and more.


Tom Dawson, TD&P’s Founder and Vice President. He serves as a Health Policy, Forensic Economist & Medical Pricing Expert. Tom is an attorney and health policy professional with 25-plus years of healthcare law and ERISA experience.  He was intimately involved in healthcare reform and the development of key provisions within the Affordable Care Act as healthcare counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business. Today he serves as an expert in health insurance reform, Medical pricing, and regulatory and policy analysis.

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