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TD&P focus on projecting the reasonable value of future medical expenses and healthcare charges. We utilizes a comprehensive process with experts in fair market valuations and calculations of future medical expenses to maintain its high-quality services to its clients.

Forensic Economic Analysis

The cost of future healthcare often forms the largest portion of economic damages in personal injury cases. TD&P possesses expertise in preparing and assessing life care plans for individuals with a wide range of significant injuries, tailoring each plan to the unique needs of the individual in question.

Coding & Billing Audits

We thoroughly review health records offered by providers on behalf of plaintiffs and assess the submitted medical billing data. This ensures that the providers offer reliable records that both plaintiff and defense counsels can rely on and that the referenced treatments meet Evidence-Based Medicine Standards.

Future Medical Expense Analysis

At TD&P, we have robust data management resources, including hardware, software, and skilled staff. This enables us to analyze large data files efficiently. Our team of professionals in accounting, Economics, Clinical Analysis, Life Care Planning, and vocational evaluation work collaboratively to provide integrated damages analysis.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with top-quality services, rooted in strict standards, detailed attention, and commitment to excellence.


What are the initial steps working with TD&P?

Our firm consists of experienced professionals who possess a deep understanding of the healthcare marketplace, regulatory compliance, economics, and their intersection with the law.

1. Inital Contact

Contact our office through email, phone, or website. A complete initiation sheet must be submitted to schedule a call. 

2. Expert Call

Every matter is thoroughly discussed with our experts before a decision to take on the matter.

3. Confirm Scope

A comparison of the initial discussion to the scope of work is assessed to confirm the budget and deliverables to the client.

4. Verify Deadline

Confirmation of the deadline is crucial to ensure our team meets the deadline.

The Team

Our Experts

We are attuned to relevant details, focus on research, and understand the complexities of your predicament so that you can make the right decision for your case. Through thoroughly analyzing important facts and legalities, our firm works tirelessly to identify the facts that could produce optimal results for your client.

Thomas J. Dawson
Health Policy, Forensic Economics, Medical Pricing Analysis, & Healthcare Compliance
Dr. Vera Dvorak
Internist & Geriatrician
Jerome Paige
Forensic Economist
Robert Paul
forensic neuropsychologist
What We Offer

Our Services

Forensic Economic Analysis

Our services cover Personal Injury and Healthcare Litigation.

Coding and Billing Audits

By leveraging big data, we analyze & document prices for every purchase made.

Future Medical Expense Analysis

TD&P scrutinizes each cost element to assess its reasonableness, allocability, and allowability.

What Clients Say

The reasonable value analysis you guys do is the most likely to get admitted into evidence and it is therefore a helpful guide in negotiating a case since it arguably defines our best scenario.
- Client Response
The TD&P report was helpful. I think that what your are doing is a great idea. We look forward to working with you on the next one.
- Client Response

TD&P Consulting is a professional services company that specializes in economic damages analysis. It focuses on projecting the reasonable value of future medical expenses and healthcare charges.


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