Future Medical Expense Analysis

Future Medical Expense Analysis

TD&P specializes in determining the Reasonable Value of Future Medical Expense Damages, using federal guidelines to establish fair pricing for healthcare goods and services in the U.S. marketplace. Our approach to valuing medical expenses aligns with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regulations, ensuring fairness and accuracy. 

Our Data-Driven Approach: We leverage Big Data to analyze and document prices for every healthcare purchase made in the U.S. marketplace. Our comprehensive price analysis techniques include: 

  • Comparing proposed prices with historical prices. 
  • Utilizing parametric estimating methods. 
  • Referencing published price lists, indexes, or market prices. 
  • Comparing with independent Government cost estimates. 

Ensuring Fair Market Value: We meticulously assess each cost element for reasonableness, allocability, and allowability. Our goal is to ensure that the Reasonable Price of Future Medical Expenses represents Fair Market Value, reflecting what a prudent and competent buyer would be willing to pay. 

Medical Necessity and Standard of Care Analysis: In support of our clients’ needs, TD&P performs thorough medical necessity and standard of care analysis in all our cases. This involves evaluating the necessity of specific treatments and ensuring they meet established medical standards. 

Collaboration with Legal Professionals: TD&P works closely with attorneys to provide comprehensive support. Our analysis considers the necessity of specific treatments, cost-effective alternatives, and factors like pricing, inflation rates, and discount rates. 

Leadership: Thomas J. Dawson, a recognized thought leader in medical expense pricing, leads TD&P’s Medical Expense Damages team. His work in the Cuevas v. Contra Costa County case has established a benchmark for determining the reasonable value of future damages, widely referenced by California juries (CACI No. 3903A). 

For more information about our Medical Expense Damages team or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us at (240) 670-7982. 

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