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At TD&P, we specialize in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Whether it's an accident or medical malpractice, catastrophic injuries can lead to significant economic losses. Our assessments cover traditional wage and benefit losses, as well as thorough evaluations of care, medical causation, and future medical expenses. Our team of accomplished professionals in medicine, economics, regulations, and law work together to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

We also provide comprehensive written critiques of opposing medical causation, life care plans, medical expense valuation, and economic reports.

Our approach focuses on evaluating the reasonableness of assumptions, appropriateness of methods, accuracy of calculations, and adherence to professional standards. We assist attorneys in understanding opposing experts' opinions and highlight the weaknesses in their conclusions.

If requested, our experts can provide cross-examination questions for opposing experts. Our written critiques often serve as a basis for negotiating fair settlements or provide the foundation for cross-examining experts during depositions or trials.

Life Care Plan Reports & Critiques

TD&P possesses expertise in preparing and assessing life care plans for individuals with a wide range of significant injuries, tailoring each plan to the unique needs of the individual in question. Our Certified Life Care Planners, alongside our URAC Certified Physicians who provide IMEs and Medical Causation Reports, assess the required services, equipment, and supplies to enhance the injured person's functionality for life.

Medical Records Review/ Evidence-Based Medicine

We thoroughly review health records offered by providers on behalf of plaintiffs and assess the submitted medical billing data. This ensures that the providers offer reliable records that both plaintiff and defense counsels can rely on and that the referenced treatments meet Evidence-Based Medicine Standards.

Healthcare Reimbursement Compliance

TD&P reviews this important process that requires careful adherence to regulations, compliant manner requires diligence from both healthcare payers and providers we make sure they match with the evidence provided.

Medical Cost Analysis

TD&P’s price analysis techniques and procedures range from comparing proposed prices to historical prices, using parametric estimating methods, comparing with published price lists, indexes, or market prices, comparing with independent Government cost estimates, and analyzing data other than certified cost or pricing data provided by the offeror.

Economic Damages

At TD&P, we have robust data management resources, including hardware, software, and skilled staff. This enables us to analyze large data files efficiently. Our team of professionals in accounting, Economics, Clinical Analysis, Life Care Planning, and vocational evaluation work collaboratively to provide integrated damages analysis.

TD&P's assistance and counsel were invaluable in securing this excellent result.

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