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Our firm consists of experienced professionals who possess a deep understanding of the healthcare marketplace, regulatory compliance, economics, and their intersection with the law. We have successfully handled notable cases, including the California Cuevas decision, which established legal precedents in the analysis of future medical damages in California. Our collaborative culture is the foundation for our firm’s and clients’ success. At TD&P, we believe that our diverse workforce not only enables us to deliver the highest quality work but also underscores the importance of equity and inclusion in harnessing the power of that diversity.

When it comes to civil litigation, having a licensed, qualified, and experienced expert on your side is crucial. After doing your search for the right expert, the initial consultation is your chance to sit down with them and see if they meet your needs. You don’t have to worry about traveling because our team at TD&P is ready to meet you virtually.

We understand that meeting a litigation support team for the first time can be nerve-wracking. During the initial consultation, we’ll talk with you and address any concerns you have. We genuinely care about your case and want to provide you with specific advice and answers to your questions.

At our firm, we don’t schedule your initial consultation with a paralegal. We believe it’s important to meet with our experienced subject matter experts to establish a bond and ensure you receive the guidance you need. Sometimes, we can resolve an issue or answer your questions during this meeting. In other cases, clients choose to retain our professional services.

Typically, our initial consultations last between 30 and 60 minutes. We can meet with you in person, over the phone, or using virtual platforms. It’s our privilege to offer help and support to our clients, and it all starts with the initial consultation.

We encourage attorneys to contact our office to discuss the specifics of their case with one of our healthcare professionals and economists. During this time, preliminary details of your case can be discussed to determine how TD&P may help in evaluating the economic damages aspects of your case. At this stage of your inquiry, we provide you with an engagement letter that includes an estimate of the total cost of our analysis. Included are our experts’ Qualifications, Profiles, and our Professional Fees Schedule.

TD&P specializes in the litigation and dispute resolution industry offering expert witness services in medical causation, life care planning, future medical costs, and economic damages.

At TD&P, we specialize in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Whether it’s an accident or medical malpractice, catastrophic injuries can lead to significant economic losses. Our assessments cover traditional wage and benefit losses, as well as thorough evaluations of care, medical causation, and future medical expenses. Our team of accomplished professionals in medicine, economics, regulations, and law work together to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

We also provide comprehensive written critiques of opposing medical causation, life care plans, medical expense valuation, and economic reports. Our approach focuses on evaluating the reasonableness of assumptions, appropriateness of methods, accuracy of calculations, and adherence to professional standards. We assist attorneys in understanding opposing experts’ opinions and highlight the weaknesses in their conclusions.

If requested, our experts can provide cross-examination questions for opposing experts. Our written critiques often serve as a basis for negotiating fair settlements or provide the foundation for cross-examining experts during depositions or trials.

Attorneys frequently ask TD&P about recommended report types for different cases. While the answer may appear complicated, here are some useful guidelines to assist you during the settlement process.

A Life Care Plan provides a comprehensive estimate of an individual’s lifelong medical and non-medical needs resulting from a catastrophic injury or chronic illness. It is applicable for individuals requiring in-home care, long-term management, and experiencing conditions such as chronic pain, amputations, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns and traumas, transplants, birth injuries, cerebral palsy, and elder care. These reports often include some estimates of out-of-pocket pricing.

A Medical Pricing Analysis or Future Medical Expense report provides a detailed forecast of the reasonable value – i.e., the market value — of an injured party’s future medical expenses. It relies on a life care plan and is often applied in more complex litigation matters. The economic report incorporates complex regulatory and financial assumptions impacting the pricing of medical expenses and is widely used by analysts to determine the projected value of goods and services in the marketplace. The pricing techniques commonly associated with medical pricing analysis are employed by the federal government and large healthcare purchasing entities to predict future prices.

A Medical Cost Projection is a condensed report that forecasts future medical, rehabilitative, durable medical equipment, and pharmaceutical costs for non-catastrophic injuries or illnesses. It is relevant to cases involving motor vehicle accidents with whiplash-associated dysfunction, orthopedic impairments, disabilities, non-invasive spinal procedures like nerve ablations and injections, as well as surgical procedures such as spinal fusions.

When would you need a Medical Cost Projection instead of a Life Care Plan or Medical Pricing Analysis? A Medical Cost Projection offers a shorter, more economical estimate of medical care costs, often without an in-person interview. It is ideal for mediation preparation, settlement negotiations, tight timelines, smaller case budgets, and limited insurance policies. While a Life Care Plan or Medical Pricing Analysis is better suited for high-budget cases going to trial, a Medical Cost Projection offers a cost-effective alternative for cases with smaller budgets and not expected to go to trial.

These insights can serve as a helpful guide for attorneys navigating the litigation process.

A medical expert witness is a licensed practitioner, such as a physician, nurse, or surgeon, who possesses the necessary skills and experience to testify in a specific medical field. These experts are often utilized by attorneys in personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits, both during the discovery and trial phases.

The benefits of having a medical expert witness are numerous. In personal injury and medical malpractice cases, these experts are called upon to provide testimony on various issues directly related to their professional experience. This can include standards of care, the cause of injuries, and the long-term effects of medical conditions.

While medical expert witnesses are commonly associated with providing testimony in court, their value extends beyond the stand. Their findings can assist attorneys in assessing the strengths of a case before proceeding with a lawsuit. Additionally, expert analysis and testimony play a vital role in the discovery phase and ultimately during trial.

Certainly! If your company is involved in litigation, it’s crucial to identify the right expert during the discovery phase. In this phase, all parties strive to gather extensive case-related information. This involves legal research, document review, witness interviews, and more. Discovery is often the lengthiest stage of the case and generally persists until the trial commences.

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