What do you gain from your work at TD&P? 

TD&P allows me the freedom to explore ideas and concepts that have been central to my thinking since my early 20s. The genesis of the ideas underlying my business and the work we do originated during my Ph.D. studies at the University of Florida, where I had the privilege of learning from thought leaders like Ethicist Philosopher Richard M. Hare and Ancient Greek Philosopher Ellen S. Haring Ph.D. Back then, the problems I wanted to solve seemed simple. I thought that if healthcare is considered a fundamental right, we needed to find a way to make it accessible to everyone. Studying medical ethics at the University of Florida, I aimed to combine law, and philosophy of economics to develop a solution. However, the more I delved into my studies, the more I realized that the solution was far from easy. 

 To gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of healthcare, I traveled to Washington and actively immersed myself in learning at the National Association of Community Health Centers during the healthcare reform of the Clinton era. It was a transformative experience, and within a year, I made the decision to leave my Doctoral program and move to Washington. First, I worked for a large insurer and later pursued a joint JD/MPH degree at GW University Law School. 

As I matured, I recognized that If I wanted to make a real impact, I needed to comprehend the healthcare system from the ground up. So, I worked with Medicaid populations, doctors, insurers, think tanks, policy shops, economists, and lawyers. Each experience shed more light on how the system operated. Eventually, I received an opportunity to work on Capitol Hill when the next healthcare reform effort began. Immersed in a real effort to make healthcare accessible to all, As Committee Healthcare Counsel, I found myself understanding the magnitude of the system. Time passed, and with a family of my own, I realized that the healthcare system was a formidable entity on which patients, providers, and hospitals thrived. In essence, healthcare finance was the real driver behind the US economy, serving as the country’s economic engine. On the back of my experience, I built TD&P. 

Today, my passion lies in empowering individuals to understand their role in the healthcare system and take ownership of their healthcare outcomes with a real understanding of the costs involved. How can we ensure that healthcare buyers are on an equal footing with healthcare care sellers? Each day, I wake up with the passion to help people answer these questions. Whether it’s developing databases or algorithms to mine and interpret healthcare data, my goal is to inform people about the true cost of their care and how they can manage their healthcare expenses—a challenge no American can avoid.

What do you love most about working at TD&P? 

What I love most about TD&P is that it gives me the opportunity to develop new ideas and express them openly. It’s fulfilling to be recognized as a thought leader and acknowledged as an expert by my peers. Being in this role has enabled me to extend my reach beyond my professional community to inspire the next generation of innovators, empowering them to achieve their full potential. 

What makes TD&P stand out?

TD&P stands out as the first healthcare economics firm to be acknowledged at the Appellate Court level for introducing a robust methodology to calculate reasonable value for future medical expense damages. By leveraging big data and established economic principles, TD&P has successfully demonstrated how to meet legal standards in determining value in the healthcare market. Trusted by the Department of Justice and other entities, TD&P leads discussions on the role of markets in economic damages discussions and expertly handles complex financial and legal matters in personal injury cases. 

How would you best (briefly) describe your role at TD&P? 

Since I founded and became CEO of TD&P, I have become more than just that organization’s leader. I am its thought leader, inspiring a team of motivated individuals to push for the best, ensuring that the rigor of our work is translated into the products we provide to our clients. 

What are your hobbies/or passions outside of the work you do for TD&P? 

Outside of work, I have three main passions: Faith, Family, and Love. Firstly, as a committed Catholic, I’m passionate about learning more about the early Christian church through studying the original Hebrew text of the Tanakh and Greek-English translations of the New Testament. I enjoy contemplating the teachings of Christ and exploring the works of Jewish and Christian scholars. Secondly, my family and children hold a special place in my heart. I strongly believe that parents have a unique responsibility to provide the best for their children, and it’s a goal I strive towards every day. Lastly, the guiding principle of my life is simple: to love all people and work towards their well-being.