What do you gain from your work at TD&P? 

I gain professional and personal satisfaction from applying my industry knowledge to a practice setting outside of my normal scope of work in the pharmaceutical industry.

What do you love most about working at TD&P?

I love the challenge of working with a start-up and the work at the company challenges my skill set, making me better for the overall good, thus a contribution to the quality of our deliverables.

Why did you choose to work at TD&P? 

I chose to work at TD & P to help the company achieve accreditation from URAC. TD & P stands out and apart from the competitors in the market because of the variety of experience brought by the industry experts performing utilization review functions. Together we are better and have figured how to navigate healthcare pricing and valuation in a way that adheres to current market practices.

How would you best describe your role at TD&P?

My role at TD & P is about compliance and adherence to our processes and improvement to each. My hope is to add value to the success of our team members by providing tools to set goals, measure outcomes and apply what we have learned to positive change.

What are your hobbies/or passions outside of the work you do for TD&P?

I like to read English Lit and play with my puppy, Daisy the Beagle. 

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