Valuation of a Life Care Plan

valuation of a life care plan

Did you know there’s a new way to estimate the valuation of a life care plan? Is it more valid and reliable than the old ways? Is it more accurate?

For example, when was the last time, you paid “list price” for something? Probably as important, with Amazonization-like disruptions, what does “list price” mean anyway? 

So how accurate, valid and reliable can the valuation of a life care plan be if the life care planner arrives at their valuation by calling three people or checking three sources to get an average cost in the current, dynamic market for medical services, drugs, equipment, and insurance coverage.

In today’s complex environment, to get an accurate, valid and reliable valuation of a life care plan, we need:

  1. To go beyond the traditional approach of a life care planner consulting with colleagues and checking price schedules.
  2. To use “big data” and “data analytics” to grasp the intricates of the cost of these medical services, drugs and commodities.
  3. To take into consideration “coverage” – premiums, co-pays, and deductible and for non-coverage items, particularly given the ever-evolving medical insurance coverage market
  4. To use large sample sizes to infer the likelihood what someone will have to pay.

TD&P’s cutting edge “Medical Damages Analysis Report”™ (MDAR)  meets these needs.


  1. Provides an analysis of the reasonable value of medical expenses articulated in a case:
  2. Identifies the difference between proposed valuations of medical expenses and reasonable value
  3. Offers a progression analysis to illustrate the difference between  TD&P’s market pricing analysis and other valuations of a life care plan
  4. Furnishes a focused narrative and analysis of reimbursement structures, regulation, case law, and methodology supporting TD&P’s analysis
  5. Offers a detailed analysis of the healthcare market and pricing indicators
  6. Provides a regulatory analysis to determine the injured party’s eligibility for special needs programs
  7. Analyzes state and federal reimbursement schedules for medical goods and serves.
  8. Offers CPT and HCPCS coding/evaluations of Life Care Plan modalities
  9. Provides complete coordination of benefits analysis
  10. Outlines optimum insurance, reimbursement, healthcare, and financing strategies associated with the needs of the injured party

TD&P applies leading-edge legal, regulatory and medical pricing techniques to the valuations of a life care plan so your client has a complete and accurate view of what medical services, drugs, commodities, and equipment will cost them and that will withstand legal challenges.

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