Thomas J. Dawson III

Thomas J. Dawson III, Esq., MPH, MA

Thomas J. Dawson III, TD&P’s Co-Founder & Vice President. He also serves as Health Policy, Forensic Economists & Medical Pricing Expert.

Mr. Dawson is an experienced ERISA attorney, health policy expert, forensic economist, and medical pricing expert. With nearly 30 years of healthcare policy and regulatory experience, he is a recognized leader in the legal community on questions about medical expenses and public policy. He has established himself not just among experts but also among leaders within the legal arena who have recognized him repeatedly for work done while working as Healthcare Counsel to the House Committee on Small Business, where he focused primarily on America’s Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Mr. Dawson also has an extensive background in healthcare finance, regulatory compliance, and healthcare policy involving Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance markets. His wide-ranging experience as a leader with a proven ability to manage complex cases in a well-timed manner has given Mr. Dawson the ability to provide healthcare, policy analysis consulting, and expert testimony in a host of personal injury cases involving medical damages.

Mr. Dawson’s experience in litigation has given him a deep understanding and knowledge of how to value medical expenses. As a result, law firms often ask him for advice on valuing future medical expenses in matters concerning injured parties and compensation.

Maintaining this specialized skill set while simultaneously working with multiple teams across various industries allows Mr. Dawson to provide support where needed most, including those who represent municipalities against claims involving vehicle accidents caused due to negligence.

Among his many activities, Mr. Dawson is a long-time member of the D.C. Board of Medicine, the Editorial Board for the Federation of State Medical Boards, and the National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE).

Review Description:

➢ Medical Expense Damages Analysis
➢ Past/Future Pricing Analysis of Medical Expenses
➢ Reasonable Value Analysis
➢ Past/Future Medical Expense Market Valuation
➢ Health Insurance Analysis

Services Description:

➢ Healthcare Pricing Analysis
➢ Healthcare Pricing & Valuation
➢ Healthcare Law
➢ Healthcare Insurance
➢ Healthcare Policy
➢ Regulatory Analysis
➢ Medicare & Medicaid