Thomas J. Dawson III

Patrick Thompson, BA, MCRSP, CRP

Vocational Case Manager/Critical Incident Stress Manager 

With three decades of vocational industry experience industry expertise, as well as FRR experience, Mr. Thompson’s specialty areas include Challenging complex cases, vocational case management, Expert Testimony, Labor Market Surveys, Specialized and accelerated job placement, Trauma Response, systemic analysis, program management, vocational rehabilitation., field case manager and counselor, sales, and marketing. 

Gregory has experience in multiple national locations including D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Boston College, Boston, MA as well as numerous prestigious certifications including: 

Maryland Certification for Rehabilitation Service Provider (MCRSP),
State of Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission,

Certified Rehabilitation Provider (CRP)
Board of Counseling, Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond, VA

Certified Critical Incident Stress Manager— Individual and Group 
University of Maryland, Peer Support

Speciality Areas

➢ Challenging/Complex Case Management
➢ Expert Testimony
➢ Labor Market Surveys
➢ Specialized & Accelerated Job Placement
➢ Trauma Response/Systemic Desensitization