Thomas J. Dawson III

Jessica Dawson

Jessica Dawson is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of TD&P Consulting, Inc. Ms. Dawson is also the firm’s majority owner.

As the leader of TD&P, she has successfully established TD&P as the leading healthcare consulting firm specializing in assessing medical damages and future healthcare costs. Since co-founding TD&P, she has been highly regarded in the business community for her successful restructuring of TD&P and increasing the firm’s national and international profile.  Peers describe ms. As an insightful entrepreneur with a clear understanding of business and the tools needed for success, Dawson.

In her role, she has expanded to include sales management, new business development, product development, distribution channel management, and customer service. Ms. Dawson’s leadership position over the business development department oversees the activities and performance of all departments.

She focuses on the strategy and growth of the business through building relationships in the industry, identifying opportunities, and meeting the needs of the client. Ms. Dawson is committed to ensuring all clients have a seamless engagement to reach goals and attain objectives.

Ms. Dawson is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cre8tive Point, a Silver Spring, Maryland marketing agency specializing in website design, graphic design, and business strategy. Cre8tive Point helps clients effectively communicate a brand’s message thoughtfully and appealingly, adding more value to TD&P Consulting and its clients.