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Dr. Vera Dvorak

Vera Dvorak, MD, is the Internist and Geriatrician at TD&P Consulting.

Dr. Dvorak is a board-certified Internist and geriatrician, Chief Medical Officer, and Shareholder. She is also an Independent Medical Examiner with more than 40 years of professional experience. Over this period, she has led her profession as a (1) practitioner, (2) health insurance executive, (3) hospital system professional, and (4) medical consultant.  

In her role, she offers a broad spectrum of medical care knowledge in the area of quality of care assessment across the continuum of care.  Dr. Dvorak is an authority on standards of care in the healthcare industry, transitions of care, long-term planning in the inpatient and outpatient setting. She also heads our URAC Standards Process for Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

Dr. Dvorak is well-read and maintains continuous medical education at 100 hours per year. She has devoted her professional career to individual patient care and ensuring that all patients are treated with dignity and respect receiving medically necessary services at the right level and the right time. A critical focus of Dr. Dvorak’s career has been to help patients and caregivers clearly understand their medical diagnosis its impact on the quality of life and prevention of complications.

Review Description:
➢ Life Care Plan Critique
➢ Medical Records Review


Service Description:
➢ Internist & Geriatrician
➢ Health Insurance Executive
➢ Hospital Systems Operations
➢ Medical Causation Analysis
➢ Medical Necessity Analysis
➢ Second Level of Care Services
➢ Transition of Care Services
➢ Quality Management
➢ Appeals


Previous Positions

Inova Health System- January 2011- 2018:

Inova Health System, a network of five hospitals, outpatient services, assisted living and long-term care facilities, and healthcare centers, hired Dr. Vera Dvorak to be its Vice President and Medical Director of Care Coordination, Palliative Care, and Skilled Facilities in 2011. During her tenure, Dr. Dvorak established a program for utilization management and “transitions of care,” which she implemented and tracked for outcomes, and discharge planning. While implementing her plan, Dr. Dvorak worked closely with Inova hospital staff, giving particular attention to the education of hospital and nursing facility staff on teach-back communication with patients and caregivers. She also became an advocate and teacher for the early recognition of sepsis in the secondary level of care facilities. Dr. Vera Dvorak served as a board member of Capital Caring Hospice, as well as InovaCares for Seniors PACE.

Chief Medical Officer for MAMSI Health Plans & United Health Care 1994-2009:

Dr. Vera Dvorak held the position of Chief Medical Officer for MAMSI Health Plans & United Health Care, for more than ten years. She was responsible for the utilization management of inpatient and outpatient services, hospice care, disease management, discharge planning, transitional care, home services, and secondary level of care network. Under Dr. Dvorak’s innovation and leadership, the company created a strategic planning and analysis department to monitor the quality of care provided to its member beneficiaries.

Primary Care Physician 1976-1994:

Dr. Vera Dvorak served as a practicing physician and Chief of the Department of Internal Medicine at Kaiser Permanente Capital Area Medical Group from 1976 to 1994. In this role, she engaged in providing outpatient and inpatient services inclusive of the intensive care unit setting. As the Chief of the Internal Medicine Department, Dr. Dvorak was responsible for all physician and internal medicine specialists’ adherence to quality of care standards. She also worked closely with all invasive specialties such as general surgery, orthopedic, neurosurgery, etc.

Career Highlights: 

  • The creation of a Physician’s Handbook with adult criteria for utilization management – to improve communication between physicians and utilization management staff;
  • The organization of physician training in healthcare compliance and inpatient documentation by Dr. Betty Bibbins, Ex Physician Educator, DocuComp LLC;
  • The creation of a training manual for a newly created transitional care management team;
  • The development of a pocket-size Teach-Back Questions manual for hospital and secondary level facilities staff, patients, and caregivers;
  • The development of teaching material and curriculum for Early Recognition of Sepsis for “transitions of care” teams and secondary facilities;
  • A leading contributor to the creation of a short /long term care (30/90 days) treatment plan for patients with congestive heart failure, pneumonia, COPD, acute myocardial infarction – Medicare focus diagnoses for prevention of 30 days readmission, promoting high quality, patient-centered care and documentation;
  • Active membership on Member MCG’s 2015 Executive Advisory Council (clinical guidelines);
  • The Leadership Institute Millennium Group Presentation: Post-Acute Services Care Management Model – February 2014.

Academic Publications (Selected):

Active Licenses/Memberships:

  • Virginia Medical License
  • Memberships: IARP  International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals