Vocational Assessments


A Vocational Assessment examines an injured person’s ability to work and approximates their residual employability, as well as their future earning capacity following a change in vocational status.

Vocational Assessments are generally utilized to quantify losses in personal injury litigation. When future medical expenses exist, a Life Care Plan and Medical Cost Analysis may be added to the Vocational Assessment to predict and critique a complete look at future healthcare needs and expenditures.

Differing from the Vocational Assessment, a Life Care Plan focuses on a person’s damages and outlines projected future medical expenses, including healthcare costs and rehabilitation. As demonstrative support, the Medical Cost Analysis provides a condensed forecasting of costs inclusive of; medical, rehabilitative, durable medical equipment, and pharmaceutical costs of a claimant’s injury or illness. These reports are designed to work in unison to create a complete assessment of damages for settlement purposes.

TD&P Expert Vocational Assessments

A Vocational Assessment evaluates an individual’s future earning potential. The purpose of the assessment is to identify vocational options that could allow for a return to work.

Medical Records Analysis

Most personal injury cases require an analysis of monetary damages. The result of this analysis is an estimate of the financial impact on the patient due to negligence or malpractice.

A Vocational Assessment helps determine the extent of damages and provides evidence to support or oppose a patient’s claims for lost wages, medical bills, and related expenses.

Medical records are essential in determining future care requirements, causation of injury, and prognosis. They serve as a record of the patient’s medical history and treatment. An in-depth vocational assessment of records can provide insight into the patient’s past, present, and expected costs.

Independent Medical Exams (IME)

Vocational Assessments examine an individual’s physical, psychological, and cognitive abilities to determine if they can perform the duties of their job. A part of that

determination is the Independent Medical Exam. IMEs are commonly incorporated as part of a Vocational Assessment to define an individual’s current physical and mental health status.

An IME is a medical evaluation conducted by a physician not regularly involved in a patient’s treatment. The purpose of the IME is to provide an unbiased evaluation of the patient’s condition and to opine on previous medical care.

An IME can determine whether certain injuries or illnesses were caused by a doctor’s negligence in cases of medical malpractice or personal injury. The report is designed as an impartial opinion and conclusion regarding the patient’s future health expectations. Claims of loss can be supported or argued because of an IME.

IMEs offer valuable information that can be used to establish whether an individual can return to work and be functional in their current vocation. Physical and mental health assessments are conducted to define the injured person’s ability to perform their job duties. This determines if and when they will be able to work under specified accommodations.

Vocational assessments highlight an individual’s long-term health effects and their ability to progress, worsen or improve over time. The value of comprehensive Independent Medical Exams has become increasingly significant in the context of personal injury law and is regularly included as part of a thorough Vocational Assessment.

The consequences of personal injury can be dire for those affected. An important aspect of compensating the injured fairly is a Vocational Assessment to determine the extent of damages and the potential for rehabilitation. TD&P Consulting’s comprehensive Vocational Assessments are performed by exceptional experts who implement the evaluation of transferable workplace skills using specialized testing, medical information analysis, work history, and educational experience. and assessment of combined functional capabilities. Our skilled evaluations provide an accurate and fully individualized report using the state-of-the-art methodology and our unique approach. Call TD&P today, or visit us online at www.tdpartnersconsulting.com, to discover how we can make a positive impact on your next case.