Vocational & Rehabilitation Capacity


TD&P Consulting offers expert Vocational & Rehabilitation Capacity that can clarify the economic impact of accidents and personal injury. Through comprehensive assessments, our specialist works with injured parties on civil litigation cases to evaluate their pre-accident earning potential compared to what they can make post-accident – ensuring a complete understanding of financial losses incurred due to time away from work or reduced capability for performing household services. We strive to ensure that much-needed relief during this process isn’t overlooked!

An Employability Assessment is an initial vocational interview that provides detailed information regarding the interviewee’s education, vocational training, work and earnings history, vocational interests, transferable skills, physical limitations, job search skills, as well as work ethics and motivation.

A review of medical, legal, and financial records, such as functional capacity evaluations, and depositions, provides the context for assessing rehabilitation potential and employability before and after the injury.

Vocational Rehabilitation Capacity

In vocational rehabilitation (VR), individuals with functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive, or emotional and physical health disabilities and impairments work to overcome barriers that prevent them from accessing, maintaining, or returning to their previous employment or an alternative gainful occupation.

A variety of healthcare professionals and non-medical specialists are generally involved in a patient’s vocational rehabilitation, including disability employment advisers and career counselors. Traditional vocational rehabilitation once focused on job retention. However, the contemporary approach is far more comprehensive, flexible, and inclusive.

TD&P Expert Evaluations

Employability opinions are largely based on the information available in a patient’s medical and vocational records. To provide an accurate and comprehensive assessment, a full set of all pertinent records are imperative. Vocational experts then perform intensive, current research on the labor market to determine current earning data and market valuation of the earning capacity loss.

Standardized assessment measures provide normative information about the performance of an individual in particular work environments or jobs. A general intelligence and achievement test, interest query. and other vocational inventories are routinely conducted by TD&P Consulting’s experts to isolate the individual’s current vocational capabilities. Using the assessment information, TD&P experts fully support their opinions regarding an individual’s future employability.

Lost wages

An individual’s lost wages are the earned income the compromised worker would likely have earned over a specific period had not sustained an injury. Income Tax records, wage, and earnings statements, and standardized research are used to calculate lost wages.

Labor market research

The purpose of labor market research is to find specific jobs with potential employers in a specific region. Labor market research has changed to reflect opportunities in location stemming from the surge in remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Testifying vocational experts assess an individual’s transferrable skills acquired through education, training, work experience, and hobbies to determine potential occupations. To gather detailed, pertinent information regarding physical demands, environmental demands, job requirements, and any accommodations available, our research team communicates effectively and efficiently with prospective hiring sources. In addition to other data, TD&P experts use the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES), which includes the Occupational Employment and Wage Survey. The OES is a cooperative program between the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and individual State Employment Agencies, allowing experts to research national wages in a variety of professions. The results of this research are used by our specialists to determine whether a candidate is qualified for any positions that may be available in their area or remotely.

Earning capacity

An injury or illness may diminish earning capacity, which can affect future wage earnings. Depending on the injury, an individual may be able to earn the same amount or more than before the injury. In other cases, an individual may not be able to return to his or her pre-injury earning capacity or may be unable to return to the labor market altogether. Defining loss of earning capacity involves careful analysis of pre-and post-injury abilities, as well as labor market research that presents current earnings data. For determining an individual’s employability and earning capacity, our experts rely on labor market research and published wage statistics.

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