Medical Cost Projection


TD& P Medical Cost Projection Services

TD& P Consulting prepares expert Medical Cost Projection reports designed as powerful tools during settlement negotiations. We accurately define, optimize, and predict case-specific future estimates your firm can rely upon.

The TD&P Medical Cost Projection report is designed to include the future cost of evidence-based medical care, durable medical equipment, occupational and vocational therapy, and includes prescription drug costs. Our reliable medical cost projections concisely estimate future healthcare expenditures associated with a claimant’s injury or illness. Fair and unbiased reports are essential during negotiations and trials to determine valid case settlements and reserve sufficient cost amounts. Utilizing a valuable TD&P Medical Cost Projection report can influence the quality-of-life care and associated case costs in future year, making a significant impact for a time-tested successful settlement.

The Medical Cost Projection analysts at TD&P Consulting intricately review patient medical and billing records, in addition to the medical practices associated with individual diagnosis. The reports we produce for trial, testimony, and depositions are succinct, reproducible, and user-friendly.

Medical Cost Projection reports are generally a more condensed estimate of medical care costs as compared to Life Care Plans. Medical cost projections usually are more cost-effective than Life Care Plans and are often more helpful in predicting true future costs. In-person interviews are generally not included in the medical cost projection process. Medical cost projections are ideal for cases in preparation for mediation and settlement negotiations.

Medical Records Analysis

In identifying every potential healthcare cost associated with a claim, our team thoroughly reviews every relevant medical record. This analysis of the medical records determines the true extent of the injury and damages, along with their associated expected and reasonable future costs. Our medical record analysis services include an exhaustive examination of all potential patient and healthcare scenarios.

We maximize our expertise and experience in the analysis of every medical record for redundancies, inconsistencies, errors, and omissions that may affect the outcome of the case. As an integral part of our review, we verify all records are accurate and complete and that the future treatment plan is appropriate for the client.

Our team of medical professionals is experienced and highly trained, with years of success in analyzing the EHR that provides critical information to advise attorneys and insurance companies during settlement proceedings.

Present Value Analysis

An important aspect of present medical cost value care analysis is in identifying the current value of necessary healthcare expenditures, with an eye on the likely future value of medical costs associated with each claim and available collateral resources – resulting in the most inclusive analysis that identifies the most cost-effective settlement strategies.

Pricing Analysis

An accurate pricing analysis ensures that settlement amounts are fair and reasonable. During a pricing analysis, medical treatments and services related to the case are researched and tabulated. TD&P determines an accurate estimate of medical expenses necessary for the claimant’s fair compensation. Pricing analysts at TD&P are highly knowledgeable in medical price trending and forecasting. Our experts are experienced in predicting, analyzing, and identifying healthcare costs whilst incorporating the impact of varied medical scenarios.

Our proprietary and unique HIPPA-compliant software, combined with years of experience and our original approach, makes TD&P Consulting’s medical cost projections the most accurate and comprehensive reports available.

Forensic Accounting

With TD&P, case-related financial information is fully examined by our experienced forensic accountants. This offers an opportunity for the best care and quality of life for an injured party and includes an examination of documents, including tax returns, bank statements, and financial records, that provide an accurate report calculating the financial impact on the injured party and their family.

Physicians and Vocational Experts

Our medical cost projection team is comprised of exceptional physicians and vocational specialists who accurately opine on the injured party’s medical condition. Experts in this field provide medical opinions outlining the extent of the damages and the long-term effects of the injuries based on the evaluation of medical records. Additionally, they provide insight into whether the injured party will be able to return to work or engage in gainful employment.

Expertise in Medical Cost Projection

Our experts include pricing consultants, analysts, forensic accountants, physicians, and vocational experts. Medical cost projections provided by our team are accurate and

reliable. An accurate medical cost projection prepared by our team is one of the most powerful tools in settlement negotiations. As a defense and plaintiff firm, we regularly work with catastrophic injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, personal injury, and workers’ compensation cases. Excellence in accuracy and client satisfaction is our top priority. At TD&P Consulting, we strive to provide the finest possible service to our clients and ensure that they receive the most favorable outcome possible. Contact us to speak with our consulting team and discuss how we can improve your next case today.

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