Life Care Plan Development


Life Care Plan Development Services

For injured parties requiring long-term medical intervention and complex healthcare, developing a Life Care Plan is the first step in ensuring that patients facing a lifetime of medical care can live as fully as possible. TD&P Consulting is trusted by a multitude of nationwide firms for comprehensive and carefully evaluated Life Care planning.

A comprehensive Life Care Plan is a powerful document based on published standards of medical practice, financial assessments, data analysis, and research that estimates a patient’s medical and non-medical needs as they age. The plan serves as an organized and valuable look into future healthcare needs and associated costs due to a catastrophic injury or illness.

Accurate Life Care Plans specify the underlying conditions and ongoing medical needs of individuals. This includes physical and personal injuries, chronic pain, loss of limbs or sight, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns, transplants, birth injuries, Cerebral Palsy, and elder care. These plans estimate the costs of providing the injured with necessary medically-related goods and services over a specified period of time.

Often used for litigation purposes, Life Care Plans outline an overview of the qualitative and quantitative needs of chronically ill, injured, and disabled individuals to ensure their preparedness for future healthcare needs. While Life Care Plans are highly individualized, they generally include but aren’t limited to a complete case overview, a chronological review of medical records, an IME and interview, a summary of diagnoses, and a descriptive glossary of relevant injuries and illnesses.

When it comes to determining the reasonable cost of future medical expenses, and settlements awarded as compensation, a TD&P Life Care Plan is an invaluable tool.

Complete Pricing Analysis

A TD&P Life Care Plan that includes the present and reasonable value of goods is expertly crafted to identify and document the medical, therapeutic, and rehabilitative needs of an individual who has sustained a catastrophic injury or illness. It is typically developed by a multidisciplinary team of case-related healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, physical, vocational, and occupational therapists.

The experts at TD&P Consulting examine medical records and utilize evidence-based medical practice guidelines for recommendations that result in the most accurate Life Care Plans. Licensed consultants evaluate each patient’s needs and goals to develop a case-specific care plan. At TD&P, we recognize that superior Life Care Plans incorporate patient preferences as well as medical needs for the best outcomes.

(H5) Medical Pricing and Accounting Specialists

As a critical component in injury cases, Life Care Plans contain essential details regarding plaintiffs’ necessary medical expenses. We project future inflation costs and accurately calculate the present value of services after an injury. In addition to creating, analyzing, and estimating the present value of Life Care Plans, our economic and financial experts at TD&P Consulting use proprietary, HIPPA-compliant software. Whatever the injury or event, we document a credible assessment of case value in current dollars.

IME/Billing Records/Medical Records

The Life Care Plan development process begins with an independent medical exam (IME). The IME is performed by a physician who is typically not previously associated with the patient’s current medical care team. This report is frequently requested by the patient’s attorney. The purpose of the IME is to provide an objective assessment of the patient’s current medical condition and identify future medical needs.

An Independent Medical Evaluation involves a physician, psychologist, or other healthcare professional who performs an unbiased examination to assess the cause, extent, and necessary medical treatment as a result of an injury or illness, often when liability is at issue.

The IME is critical for determining the degree of impairment and planning for future healthcare-related costs. TD&P relies on IMEs performed by board-certified physicians in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, Neurology, and Brain Injury Medicine with unmatched expertise in opining on comprehensive Life Care Plans.

Like an IME, a Neurophysiological Evaluation provides an in-depth assessment of brain function skills after an injury or illness affects the brain or after an individual experiences a mental disability requiring diagnostic clarification. They include tests that measure attention deficits, problem-solving, memory recall, language, intellectual ability, visual-spatial skills, and social-emotional functioning. A cognitive, motor, behavioral, linguistic, and executive functioning assessment is included in the examination.

Upon completion of a neuropsychological examination, a person’s ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs), such as seeking and maintaining employment, attending school, managing finances, and the ability to safely maneuvering their surroundings, can be predicted. A neuropsychological evaluation can be administered in any setting through a variety of non-invasive, standardized tests designed to measure a full spectrum of mental abilities. Among them are guided conversations to determine the subject’s emotional state, reasoning abilities, and memory recall. Dexterity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and materials manipulation are also evaluated through standardized tests. A personal interview with the subject’s family, caregivers, or individuals associated with him or her is often conducted after the test completion.

An IME is followed by a review of the patient’s medical records, including billing statements. A patient’s medical records contain pertinent details about the injured person’s medical history, current condition, and future treatment requirements. Expenses associated with past medical care are documented in billing records.

The Life Care Planner utilizes this information to develop a comprehensive Life Care Plan. The plan will include a detailed description of the patient’s current medical condition, any potential future medical needs, and the estimated cost of future healthcare and associated expenses. This case-specific plan also includes recommendations for future medical treatments, therapies, and rehabilitative services.

The TD&P Life Care Plan Experts

In addition to comprehensive Life Care planning services, TD&P Consulting offers Life Care Plan critiques and Medical Cost Projections. Our team of Forensic Accountants, Physicians, Vocational Experts, and Pricing Analyst Experts are the finest in experienced healthcare management. Contact our office to speak with an expert.