Life Care Plan Critique


Life Care Plan Critique Services

The purpose of a Life Care Plan is to assign value to future healthcare needs related to a catastrophic injury or chronic illness. A wide range of costs can be included as damages, including expenses for doctors, hospitals, medications, and physical therapy.

A Life Care Plan is multidimensional, with many variables to consider, as the report can be critiqued from multiple angles for litigation purposes.

What is a Life Care Plan Critique?

The elements of a Life Care Plan include a client interview, medical records analysis, corroboration with treating providers, and probable relation of needs to the event. This includes healthcare pricing, estimated needs, and analysis research of customary, reasonable, and usual costs. Rebuttals or critiques examine whether pre-existing conditions were considered when developing the Life Care Plan. Should any of these elements be inaccurate, contrived, or missing, the plan may be legally challenged. This makes it essential to review a Life Care Plan report for the most accurate assessment of future medical expenses.

Life Care Planners have a varied background of disciplines, including case management, nursing, neurological, and other specialties. When developing a Life Care Plan, the background of the planner may cause the reporter to go beyond his or her area of expertise. Outside practitioners are generally interviewed by Life Care Planners for areas of specialty not covered by their own knowledge base as the underlying health-related nature of Life Care Planners is frequently challenged.

Reviewing a Life Care Plan requires expert, unbiased consultants with extensive knowledge of the healthcare field to perform objective research and formulaic analysis. TD&P Consulting specializes in exemplary Life Care Plan critiques and pricing analyses. Our unique methodology and proprietary software ensure that the plans reviewed by our team are organized, concise, and rely on evidence-based medicine firmly established in practice standards.

TD&P establishes objective and comprehensive pricing models based on medical literature and current market data. The popularity of our methodology has grown in recent years as courts gradually raise the evidentiary bar for admitting cost data. This hurdle is particularly evident in personal injury cases when Life Care Planners are called to testify regarding future medical expenses. Care plans outline the long-term healthcare management of both medical and non-medical items that are required by an individual facing a catastrophic injury or chronic illness and often determine settlement award. As such, they are generally presented by opposing counsel and must be reviewed by experienced experts to withstand scrutiny.

Expert Reviews From TD&P Consulting

Life Care Plans that fail scrutiny place the admissibility of the expert’s opinion in question. In turn, this may invalidate the Life Care Planner, the attorney, and the potential claims of negligence.

The experts at TD&P Consulting are highly qualified in our analysis of the plaintiff’s Life Care Plan, which includes recommendations with an eye on the associated frequency and future medical costs. The review considers the plaintiff’s current pattern of care, evidence-based guidelines, information within the plaintiff’s Life Care Plan, and relevant healthcare providers’ recommendations. A valid estimate can then be established as to the reasonableness, frequency, and cost of the recommendations.

The TD&P team of experts includes physicians, policy professionals, attorneys, actuaries, and economists. We assist testifying Life Care Planners in developing and evaluating their plans for benefit eligibility, The Affordable Care Act impact, and consistency. Successful rebuttal relies upon an approach that is formulaic, not contrived, and considers insurance coverage, collateral sources, and market pricing. Our network of credentialed, board-certified nurses, physicians, and experts are ready.

With a wide range of field expertise, we concisely review and critique Life Care Plans ethically and efficiently. This ensures that our clients can rely on us for the most accurate review available. A critique from TD&P Consulting provides you with unparalleled research and educational support for case preparation.

TD&P’s network of medical consultants includes experienced Nurse Practitioners, Physician Specialists, Physician Assistants, Occupational Therapists, and Pharmacologists.

The TD&P Consulting team is committed to providing factual evidence and trusted methodology. To learn more about our Life Care Plan Critique and Pricing, contact TD&P Consulting, Inc. at or call (877) 420-8680.