Expert Witness Services: A Tool for Litigation Success


No litigator should walk into a courtroom without having the tools needed to win. Expert witness services are essential to winning. Of course, no one can guarantee a win. But, the right expert will increase your chances. TD&P offers the kind of Expert Witness Services that will give you that opportunity.

The Features Integrated Into TD&P Services

Among litigation support firms offering expert witness services, TD&P stands out. We blend efficient case analysis and project management with a commitment to rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis. We bring together the best people to do the work, structuring our team to enhance client satisfaction. But the success of our work does not end here. There many reasons why clients are satisfied with our firm and select us to be a member of their team.  

TD&P is easy to use: Based on an initial client phone call, TD&P helps its clients gather financial, demographic, medical, and other data about the injured party. We use this information to develop an outline to define the scope of the project and a pathway to success. TD&P analyzes the information against a backdrop of federal and state statutes and implementing regulations, providing the client with a report that serves as the cornerstone of the firm’s expert witness services.

TD&P is efficient: Our team of experts includes highly qualified analysts and consultants, who hold respected professional designations, including JD’s, MBA’s, and CPA’s. We are respected in the litigation arena for our expertise and regularly chosen by plaintiff and defense attorneys, industry professionals, hospitals, and others to provide highly qualified expert witness services in Washington DC.

TD&P delivers timely service: TD&P employs a multidisciplinary strategy, which enables our team to provide dependable expert witness services. Our team meets regularly to discuss the latest market data and regulatory findings. And we work closely together to focus on making our work digestible and easily understood. TD&P’s goal is to provide our clients with consistent data and analysis that strengthen their case.   

TD&P is reliable: We provide a range of experts and litigation support services including, but not limited to medical expenses, healthcare policy, Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement, reasonable value determinations, health insurance, and life care plan critique and valuations.

So, when you need consulting or expert witness services in the litigation space, remember to give TD&P a call at 240.670.7982 to schedule an appointment.