About TD&P

About TD&P Consulting, Inc.

In 2010, Tom Dawson, Esq., founded Tom Dawson & Partners, LLC. He joined with partners, Jessica (Echols) Dawson and Shane Johnson in 2015 to form TD&P Consulting, Inc. The firm later re-established itself as a Minority and Woman-Owned firm, with Jessica Dawson at the helm, in 2019. Today TD&P is a national consulting firm that works with insurance carriers, self-insured corporations, and legal counsel in litigated bodily injury and medical professional liability claims, which require the analysis of past and future medical expenses.

Tom Dawson, Esq. TD&P’s Co-Founder & Advisor in health policy with 25 plus years of healthcare law and ERISA experience expertise. He was intimately involved in healthcare reform and the development of key provisions within the Affordable Care Act as healthcare counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business. Today he serves as an expert in health insurance reform, healthcare policy, and regulatory analysis, as well as the Affordable Care Act.

The experts at TD&P Consulting consist of healthcare and legal professionals, economists, healthcare financing experts, actuaries, and authorities on Medicare and Medicaid. Our analysts support the work of our experts with in-depth knowledge of healthcare billing and reimbursement practices, insurance policy, and medical practice standards. Together, applying an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, TD&P provides results that are accurate, valid, and reliable.

TD&P holds the position that a multidisciplinary approach produces powerful results. It has enabled the firm to offer clients objective analyses and successful outcomes involving: past and future medical damages, Medicare and Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver programs for special needs populations; health insurance; employer-sponsored benefits; reimbursement policy, coordination of benefits (COB), the calculation of reasonable value in the health care market, and more.

At TD&P Consulting, Inc., we bring together the best people to do the work, structuring our team to enhance interaction with clients. We blend case analysis and project management with a commitment to client service.

To learn more about cost-benefit analysis in healthcare and to get help developing new best practices to deal with any changes, contact TD&P Consulting, Inc. 

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Dr. Jerome Paige, Ph.d
Dr. Jerome Paige, Ph. D
Dr. Vera Dvorak, MD
Dr. Vera Dvorak, MD
Craig Allen
Craig Allen, FCAS, FCIA
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Jessica Dawson

Chief Executive Officer

Jessica Dawson is the Chief Executive Officer and majority owner of TD&P Consulting, Inc. She focuses on the development and growth of the business through building relationships in the industry, identifying opportunities, and completing business relationships. Ms. Dawson combines strategic thinking and sharp executions coupled with relentless ambition and energy, which will enable the strategic development of a business plan to reach targets, goals, and attain objectives.

Thomas J. Dawson III, Esq., MPH, MA

Co-Founder & Advisor

Tom Dawson, Esq. is the Co-Founder and Advisor at TD&P Consulting, Inc.,  He serves as an expert witness in federal and state court and has offered opinions on matters involving medical costs, health insurance, reasonable value, and the Affordable Care Act. Read More